A STORY OF SORROW. BOOK 1: OF FLESH AND BLOOD signed paperback bundle

This bundle includes:

1 signed paperback copy of OF FLESH AND BLOOD
1 double-sided bookmark
1 high-quality magnet, featuring the cover art
1 DJV bookmark (colors may vary)
2 DJV stickers


He should be dead.

But Sorrow is a hard man to kill.

Left shipwrecked after being sold into slavery, he once again finds himself on the verge of death. The sudden arrival of a huge sea vessel gives him a glimmer of hope, but this ship belongs to one of his most hated organizations - The Church of the Refining Light.

Sorrow's will to live outweighs his prejudice, so he reluctantly joins the Church's expedition. Little does he know they've been summoned to investigate a peculiar claim...Something is causing the dead to rise.

Will Sorrow escape death again, or will his enemies - both living and dead - finally put him in a grave of his own?