Daniel J Volpe Horror


This package features

-1 signed paperback copy of F.U.B.B. (signed by Daniel J. Volpe ONLY)
-1 fridge magnet
-1 bookmark (designs may vary)
-Stickers (designs and quantity may vary)


Three authors who will shake your belief, three stories that defy belief, f***ed up beyond belief!

Church of the Splatter Spray Saints by Jasper Bark: Every city has them. A wasteland at the end of a long dirt road, where uncaught serial killers dump their victims. This is where the Brethren in Blood hold their tent meetings. Dubbed – the Church of the Splatter Spray Saints, this blood crazed cult is building a huge national following.

Cindy, Mark and Gerard from the One Light Ministry are on a covert mission to rescue a wealthy donor who has fallen into the hands of the cult.

George Harding hates and fears the cult members who slavishly follow him. He is one score away from leaving it all behind, he just has to get through one last gathering with his life and sanity intact.

Dmitry works for the Russian Mafia, the cult’s secret backers. He would like nothing more than to kill George. When a deadly biological weapon is smuggled into the tent meeting, Dmitry might just get his wish.

Tonight, all of them will receive communion in the Church of the Splatter Spray Saints.

Double Feature by Candace Nola: Friday night at the drive-in! Horny teens, hot dogs, and horror movies, but the locals have a special feature of their own going on behind the scenes!
Like the best of Ed Wood Lee, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Joe R. Lansdale, it’s a typical Friday night at the drive-in, but turns sinister when the locals show up for some fun of their own.

The Chatter of Night Bugs by Daniel J. Volpe: Duke, Tammi Jean and Raylynn make their money in the vilest of ways. But when they pick up a young woman thinking her to be an easy score, they unleash an ancient magic of vengeance. Deep in the Appalachian Mountains something stirs, something evil, seeking justice. And with it comes the bugs…lots of bugs.

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